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Harnessing The Power Of Your Marketing Story



  • Sharing Stories not Slides:  Learn the importance of communicating a clear marketing story that resonates with your audience.
  • Business Storytelling: How to translate your marketing presentation into a story.
  • Learn the power of connecting with your audience.
  • Story Structures: The use of structure to communicate your marketing message effectively to your audience. 
  • Authenticity is key: Learn how to sustain the message(s) in your marketing story and ensure they are relevant to your target audience.


Gain a greater understanding of how the Power of Story will allow you to achieve a deeper connection with your audience, communicate to them with ease, and how to follow up afterwards for positive results.

It will allow you to really structure your marketing presentation and create stories that resonate with the audience, prompting a call to action from them and ultimately enhancing your return on investment. You’ll be able to tell them what they want to hear!

Storytelling is essential when trying to release a new product or showcase a new service offering – here at Eyeful we understand the importance of getting your marketing message across loud and clear. We will teach you the models and structures that will allow for authenticity to strike and gain you the results you are after.


Available in:
  • 2-hour virtual session
  • 4-hour on Campus or virtually (delivered in 2 x 2-hour sessions)
  • 1 day + On-site or at the Presentation Campus

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