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Building your Core Technical & CPD Presentation Skills



  • How to think differently: Setting your CPD & Technical objectives and sticking to them.
  • An introduction into the development of Story: How to share your key technical messages in a way that truly engages your audience and prompts action.
  • Learn the power of connecting with your audience.
  • Story Structures: The use of structure to communicate your technical message(s) effectively.
  • Authenticity is key: How can you sustain your stories and ensure they are relevant to your audience.


Building the Core Presentation Skills Course for CPD and Technical Presentations will allow you to fully encapsulate your vision in a clear and concise way, meaning your messages will be obvious, on-brand and consistent, time after time.

This course allows you to generate brand confidence across all of your CPD engagements, thus allowing the audience comfort in knowing that they will be in your safe hands, giving you the buy-in your were after.

It will give you the tips and tricks needed to efficiently make changes where necessary on your powerpoint presentation, saving you time.

It will also prepare you in a way that ensures your technical message resonates with the audience. You will become self-assured in the message(s) you want to convey to your audience, and be able to establish a call to action from them.


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