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Engaging Audiences & Delivering your Technical Story



Gain the secrets to delivering a successful CPD/Technical presentation that prompts action from your audience.

Below is a list of some of the modules covered during the presentation skills course:


  • How to deliver your technical and CPD presentation: Through our blended presenting and presentation landscape models you will be able to find the best approach to suit your audience engagements.
  • Roleplay of scenarios (preparation, practical exercise, feedback and coaching techniques).
  • Review the current delivery of your cpd and technical presentations.
  • Learn how to engage with a multigenerational audience.
  • Presenting as a team or an individual: How to combat the fear?
  • Handling objections: As a team or as an individual.
  • How to drive action from your audience and get them to participate.
  • Guide to delivering your technical story/presentation in an authentic way.


This technical presentation skills training course teaches you how to you use several methods to engage with your technical audience and prompt a call to action from them.

Blended presenting gives you the flexibility that your audience needs, to have a wealth of information at their fingertips, and not just through the power of PowerPoint.

It allows you to fine-tune your CPD and Technical presentation techniques and ensure your audience is at the forefront of your mind for a truly engaging and inciteful experience.


Available in:
  • 2-hour virtual session
  • 4-hour on Campus or virtually (delivered in 2 x 2-hour sessions)
  • 1 day + On-site or at the Presentation Campus

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