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Visualising your CPD Story for Maximum Impact



Giving you the ability to create technical toolkits that can be interchangeable depending on your audience group.

Below are some of the modules that you will learn about during the course:


  • Learn how to create technical toolkits that allow you to manage how your audience engages with your presentation in live settings.
  • Repurpose what you already have, save time, and reutilise in different formats/media.
  • Learn how to embed video and audio.
  • How to create complex yet seamless design.
  • Use of Icons to make slides more visually appealing.
  • Visualisation: Learn the secrets of how to accompany great stories with great visuals, that will not only resonate with the audience but give them a call to action.
  • Before and Afters: We will take an example of a slide(s) and show you best practises on how to display your key message(s) with impact.


By visualising your technical story allows for greater buy-in from your audience.

Positive and clear visuals that support your technical message will ultimately create areas of interest from your audience.  This will lead to a greater ROI, especially when you are able to read your audience and focus on specific areas of the presentation that you know they will be interested in.


Available in:
  • 2-hour virtual session
  • 4-hour on Campus or virtually (delivered in 2 x 2-hour sessions)
  • 1 day + On-site or at the Presentation Campus

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