Please note, this is a private web page created for KPMG internal use only.
Example 1 – Clean Animated PowerPoint
Example 2 – B-Roll Video
Example 3 – Statistics on Textured Background
Example 4 – Product Demo Video
Example 5 – Line Style Animation
Example 6 – Illustrative Animated Video
Example 7 – Cartoon Style Video
Example 8 – Talking Head Video
Example 9 – Infographic
Example 10 – Social Media Snippet

These Capabilites span across all of the internal and external communications and sales enablement tools that we help to create.

From pre reads, to f2f/remote conferences, we help to support you from story creation right through to design.

We create compelling messaging collateral and help aid visual branding with KPMG and many other global clients.

**Messaging frameworks and value proposition content will be presented remotely and confidentially**

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