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Over the last decade we’ve been incredibly fortunate to deliver our presentation consultancy and design services to some of the world’s leading brands who have, in turn, benefitted from truly effective and engaging presentations, backed up by our presentation coaching and training support.

Our commitment to putting our customers at the heart of everything we do seems to work…more than 80% of our work comes from repeat business – our customers put their trust in us time and again, safe in the knowledge that we’re going to deliver.

We’re incredibly proud of the businesses who choose to work with us. Our tested methodologies, can-do attitude, crack team of presentation designers who produce stunning results every time, and reputation for discretion underpins these important relationships.

This level of discretion means that we can’t ‘name names’ when sharing some of our recent engagements. However, we believe that a great presentation story is still worth telling (even if the protagonist’s name has been removed).

The Challenge

Whilst the opportunity for CPD providers is huge, the challenges are great and complex.

The first challenge facing CPD presenters is the perception that their audiences are simply ‘going through the motions’ in order to gain CPD points.

Audience members, who are essentially obliged to attend for their CPD points, will show little respect for what are often poorly constructed and extremely dry technical presentations.

The second challenge they face comes from governing bodies such as RIBA.

RIBA have implemented strict guidelines to prevent CPD providers delivering presentations that focus more on selling products, rather than educating their audience.

These guidelines have successfully halted a ‘sales first’ culture, but have made it increasingly difficult for businesses to implement CPD strategies that deliver sales results.

Let’s not forget, CPD providers dedicate considerable time and resource into providing CPD events. So, surely, they deserve the chance to get a return on their significant investment?

Our client, having been impressed when working with Eyeful in the past, approached us to review the CPD presentation experience they were delivering.

Unfortunately, we had to report that, despite the presenting team clearly being real experts in their field, they were delivering overly complex dry content in an unengaging way. This was impacting rapport building with unfamiliar audiences – and was ultimately damaging future sales opportunities.


With a finely balanced, sales vs education, conflict in mind, we crafted a fully tailored two-pronged approach that would… Enhance their presentation collateral…

We reviewed our client’s presentation culture, with a full audit of their CPD presentation collateral, looking at their message, story and visuals.

We identified the missing elements within their presentation story and optimised key messages as we applied our tried and tested Presentation Optimisation™ approach.

“Presentation Optimisation™ is Eyeful’s unique approach to crafting presentations with a compelling story, clearly defined messages and powerful supporting visuals –all of which ensures you deliver an audience-focused presentation which inspires and influences your audience into following your desired call to action.”

Rob Bailey – MD, Eyeful Presentations

Evolve their presenting style and ability… We assessed the presenting team’s performance in the field and identified the areas that needed improvement against our unique modular Think, Act and Deliver Differently training programme…

After identifying presentation skills gaps within the team, Eyeful’s modular approach to presentation training allowed us to tailor a bespoke training programme specific to their needs.

Instead of trying to change them as presenters, we concentrated on honing their natural style – making them better at presenting their specific content in a natural and engaging way.

This immersive experience meant we dispelled some of the presentation myths that had previously held the team back in our Breaking Habits module before our Storytelling techniques helped to evolve their presenting style.

Rather than the generic ‘soft skills’ approach focusing on body language, tone of voice and mannerisms, we instead focused on ensuring that the team understood the value of authentic delivery.

Our Blended Presenting module introduced the team to the latest presentation technology and demonstrated how and when these tools could be used most effectively for communicating their key messages.

The training was delivered in The Eyeful Labs – Europe’s only centre of presentation excellence. This provided the attendees with access to a variety of experts including seasoned presentation consultants, storyboarding experts and some of the world’s best presentation designers. This behind the scenes workshop meant the team were able to learn from experts, try out new technology and practically road test their new presentation skills in a variety of challenging scenarios.

We provided the attendees with real-life business scenarios and challenged them to test themselves and their message using a variety of presentation tools, ultimately resulting in them being equipped to deliver their message in a manner which would suit differing environments and audience requirements.

Scenarios such as…

Delivering a CPD presentation to an unfamiliar audience in order to inform, educate and subtly sell your services…

Introducing your company and service range to a new prospect with the goal of securing a next level meeting…

Dealing with a client unhappy with a recent price increase with the goal of calming their frustrations and gaining their buy in to the new pricing structure…

The Result

A new level of authentic presentation delivery…

The client reports that all the presenters who experienced the Labs have a renewed interest and passion for presentation delivery that shines through with increased confidence and authentic delivery…


Better delivery of a well-structured message has led to more engaged audiences, and their reputation for delivering a valuable CPD experience has spread throughout the architectural world –meaning an increase in CPD requests…


An increased level of interest in their CPD module has led to a large upturn in sales conversations following on from CPD events…

Ultimately our client recognised their team needed help and Eyeful’s tailored approach finally helped them to receive a large and much-needed return on their CPD investment…

I can’t say enough good things about both the presentations or the training that was prepared by Eyeful. Working with Eyeful has been an all round excellent experience and I cannot recommend their services enough.

Head of Marketing, UK Leading Heating Product Manufacturer

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