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Our client is a market leading company in fire protection and high-performance insulation material for commercial and residential property construction.

An element of their core marketing strategy is to run CPD (Continued Professional Development) presentations for architects who would then potentially engage them to supply their products and solutions for new developments.

CPD is an obligatory form of training programme for chartered members of professional organisations such as RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects).

Professional people, in this case, architects are required to regularly attend CPD presentations in order to gain the ‘CPD points’ they require to maintain their accreditation with RIBA.

This gives businesses such as our client an interesting opportunity to offer their subject matter expertise in the form of a RIBA approved CPD presentation, which their target market have no choice but to seek out…

This unique scenario essentially puts our client’s product or services directly in front of its perfect target market. A win-win.

The Challenge

Whilst the opportunity for CPD providers are considerable, the challenges are great and complex.

Firstly, governing bodies such as RIBA have implemented strict guidelines to prevent CPD providers delivering presentations that focus more on selling products, rather than educating their audience.

These guidelines have successfully halted a sales first culture, however maintaining a balance is important. After all, the companies who dedicate time, effort, expertise and money into crafting a RIBA approved CPD presentation, deserve the chance to get a return on their significant investment.

The second challenge facing CPD presenters is the perception that their audiences are simply ‘going through the motions’ in order to gain CPD points.

Audience members, who are essentially obliged to attend for their CPD points, will show little respect for what are often poorly constructed and extremely dry technical presentations.

Indeed, our client was not only a seasoned CPD presenter but also a regular CPD audience member (requiring points for their own career as a senior design professional). It was whilst attending one such presentation that they recognised the error of their own ways…

They found themselves on the receiving end of countless dull, bullet-point ridden slides that were delivered with little passion or engagement.

They soon realised that they were delivering a similarly poor experience to their audience and that this was more than likely the main reason why they were not getting results from their own CPD offering.

They recognised that things had to change and sought Eyeful’s help as CPD presentation experts.


With a finely balanced sales vs education conflict in mind, Eyeful reviewed our client’s presentation culture, with an online audit of their CPD presentation collateral and an assessment of their presenter’s performance in the field.

The review analysed the flow of their existing presentation, checked the clarity and relevance of its key messages, and examined its compliance with RIBA’s strict guidelines. This research formed the basis for an effective Presentation Optimisation™ workshop with the marketing and sales managers at the client’s premises, where we explored the opportunity to promote the company in a different, slightly more subtle way.

We proposed that the new presentation would position the company as the leading experts and thought leaders in their field, with a subtle but strong sales message that would still meet RIBA’s strict guidelines. We also turned the focus of the presentation around 180°, making it about the audience and their challenges, as opposed to a presentation that focused on the presenter’s company.

We then crafted a powerful presentation story to address those challenges, before optimising key presentation material and developing powerful new visuals to engage their professional audience.

The Result


They take a very different approach in their engagements as they now educate and demonstrate a marketing leading expertise that places them ahead of their competitors –all whilst delivering more value to their audiences, so a real win-win situation.


Our client now has a story that they can use effectively for a multitude of other presentation opportunities –which has, in turn, led to a considerable saving of time and effort on other presentations.


Our client reports an increased level of interest in their CPD module and an upturn in sales conversations off the back of these presentations.

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