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This full-service creative agency has a hardearned and well-deserved reputation for helping their clients to expand their brand and build stronger relationships with their own clients.

With a team of over 90 experts situated in offices in London, Chicago and Dubai, their service offering covers all aspects of a modern agency including, more recently, presentation materials.

Their high-quality outputs are all developed consistently to ensure they provide an excellent integrated service for their demanding high-profile clients.

The Challenge

The agency found themselves coming under increasing pressure to create outstanding PowerPoint presentation content for their clients – an area outside of their expertise

Despite employing an excellent team of project managers and designers with a wide-ranging spectrum of skills and experience, they lacked access to presentation expertise that they could trust and rely on. Our client had endured a number of unreliable freelance experiences, which had put their hard-earned reputation at risk.

This threat highlighted a critical need to align with a reputable presentation company that possessed the requisite expertise and resources that they desperately needed.

They conducted a formal market review for a cost effective, reliable provider who could deliver on three fronts…

They needed a partner that would seamlessly work alongside their team to deliver presentation material consistent with their other outputs – their long-standing credibility was on the line.

They needed to partner with a team they could trust to deliver high quality results and allow them to get on with their core disciplines.

They needed an efficient process that would ensure projects would be delivered on-time, on budget and to the same exacting standards as their own output.

After a diligent selection process, they recognised in Eyeful a positive and proactive specialist presentation partner who possessed the expertise and resources they required.


Our partnership started with a thorough factfinding mission at the client’s office. Eyeful’s team immersed themselves in the agency’s way of working, their clients’ requirements, and with their main counterparts to understand their preferred method of engagement.

This detailed exploration led to a measured approach that would ensure we met our client’s high expectations…


A co-branded briefing document was created to help communicate project requirements clearly to all involved.


The test projects were delivered ahead of schedule and under budget.

Eyeful’s full ownership approach allowed the agency to concentrate on their core offering, safe in the knowledge that the presentations would be delivered in line with their clients’ requirements.


We earned trust by exceeding expectations on two test projects that were seamlessly delivered to an extremely high standard, which in turn delighted the end clients.

The Result

Eyeful was selected to become the agency’s ongoing presentation partner and we now provide the expertise, resource and reliability required. This all means our client now has…


Presentations are no longer a source of frustration and worry for this agency. They now have a simple project briefing process that ensures clear communication and successful projects in line with their clients’ expectations.


They can now relax in the knowledge that their reputation is no longer on the line. They know the presentation collateral they receive from Eyeful is going to be top quality, on-brand, on-time and on-budget.


The agency’s reputation as an all-round service provider is enhanced. The feedback they have received from their clients has been hugely positive, with them benefitting from, and enjoying, a fresh approach to presentations that they haven’t previously experienced.

Thank you for all of your efforts, we were very impressed and so was our client who told us, “I think the presentation is brilliant –I am thrilled. I shared it with our SVP of Sales this morning –his comment: Absolutely fantastic!”

Thanks for helping us look so good! It was great teamwork, so please share our thanks with the Eyeful designers and the whole team that made this project such a success…

Head of Client Experience, Global Creative Agency

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