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Interactive presentations are without a doubt one of the most powerful and versatile types of presentation available…

Most PowerPoint presentation designs are linear, they start on slide 1 and the presenter clicks through slide by slide until the end of the presentation. This is absolutely fine for a traditional lecture style presentation, however doesn’t allow for audience interaction.

An interactive presentation has a form of navigation not dissimilar to a website. Usually with either a menu slide or a pop-out menu that allows you to jump straight to the slides you wish to deliver.

Useful for repeat delivery of formal presentations…

If you deliver the same presentation over and over again, and find yourself removing slides or moving their order each time you present… well, bravo for tailoring your presentation to your audience, but you might not need to.

You could simply create one main presentation that you tailor as you present. This is where you would use interactive navigation to dip into hidden content if that’s where the topic of conversation goes…

If you don’t want to talk about something, you would simply avoid clicking on the link and carry on through the presentation.

As if you have 3 topics on a menu slide and you only want to present the detail of one of those. Then you can click on the one you want to talk about and jump straight to the slides relating to it, before returning to the menu. Then just move on through the presentation ignoring the subjects you don’t want to go into.

Useful in informal meetings…

Useful is an understatement. If you are heading into a one to one sales meeting with a prospect the last thing you want to be doing is firing up a laptop, loading up a linear PowerPoint and forcing your conversation down a pre-determined route.

Natural conversations ebb and flow in different directions. What you need for this type of engagement is an interactive presentation on a tablet device. This allows you and your prospect to discuss anything that they wish to. You can support your responses by easily jumping to the supporting set of slides.

Useful as a presentation leave-behind…

Some presenters print their slides out and leave them with their audience. However, slides that lack the context of the presenter run the risk of confusing the audience, which is not a good prospect if a key decision maker is reviewing your presentation after the event.

Interactive presentations allow you to build the presenters context into the presentation, meaning the same file that the presenter delivered can be shared with the audience after the event, without any loss of context.

The presentation itself works exactly as the original with the presenter’s words becoming available at the click of a button as per this example…

Create your next presentation interactive free of charge…

The next time we create a presentation for you, we’ll make it rich with interactivity at no extra cost. Check out our dedicated presentation leave-behind page or simply give us a call on +44 (0)1455 826390 for more details…
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