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Are you remote ready?

Moving from face-to-face to remote presenting changes the game

For presenters.

For audiences.

For your presentation materials.

Recognising that it’s not simply a case of doing what you would have done in person and moving it online is half the battle. The good news is that, when done right, remote presenting is a powerful and effective way of sharing your message with your audience.

We’ve collated a range of resources for you to use as you start the shift to online presenting becoming the ‘new norm’ (at least for the time being).

From infographics that can adorn the desks of your remote presenters through to more detailed best-practice guides, we’ve compiled top tips, insights and experience to help you navigate the shift over to ‘Remote Ready’ presentations.

It’s business as usual at Eyeful Towers so we remain on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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