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Presentation Skills Rubric


When looking to develop a tool that would help provide a clear and actionable assessment of presentation creators and orators’ skills, we went back in time. We returned to the classroom and reinvented the ‘rubric’, a tried and trusted scoring guide that has been invaluable in measuring and improving students’ skills.

We took this proven tool and redeveloped it to measure your current presentation skills in a range of areas, from crafting an audience-centric message, through to the appropriate use of PowerPoint and presenation design visuals and harnessing the power of presentation storytelling.

Sound scary? Worry not…

The Eyeful Rubric is not designed to catch you out. We just wanted to create a tool that not only allows presenters to measure their presenting skills but, more importantly, highlight areas for development and focused presentation skills training. After all, the ability to clearly communicate your message has never been more vital – LinkedIn’s 2020 Annual Talent Review listed creativity and persuasion as the two most critical soft skills companies need today.

So if the ability to create and persuade are this important, shouldn’t you be checking in to see how your presentation skills measure up?

Click below to start (and promise us you’ll be honest in your responses – it’s the key to improving and nailing that next presentation! It’ll only take you 10 minutes to see where your current presentation skills lie).


To learn more about the presentation training courses and services that Eyeful offer and how that can push your score higher, click here or get in touch.

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