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by | Mar 4, 2016 | General information

Presentation training is nothing new. A quick Google will throw up almost half a million entries from well meaning companies and individuals who, no doubt, will work very hard to make you a better presenter.

So what makes Eyeful Training any different? And why are we suddenly so excited about training after over a decade in the presentation market?

The differences Eyeful Training brings to the party are simple, powerful and, if we do say so ourselves, damned difficult to copy:


We don’t use ‘by-the-book trainers’ to deliver insights and guidance to our clients, we use our own presentation consultants. These are the very same people who sit with clients crafting stories, visualising complex content and bringing order and value to a presentation, day in, day out.

In short, our training clients get their insight from people who actually do the job, not people who deliver knowledge second hand.


Breaking news – not all companies have the same set of presentation training needs. As such, we view our training assets a bit like Lego* – we analyse what a client needs and then we’ll create a bespoke plan from our set of proven ‘training bricks’. It’s not rocket science but it would seem that crafting a training programme to meet the specific needs of a client is (rather sadly) a bit of a USP.

* Other overpriced plastic bricks are available.


A couple of years ago we published a book which shared the Eyeful thinking and methodology that underpins some of the most powerful presentations in business today. Two years down the line and the book has not only received some very nice plaudits but also been translated into five different languages. In short, it’s gone down rather well.

Eyeful’s training modules are underpinned by the proven techniques and ideas shared in the book – it’s about taking the great stuff from The Presentation Lab, applying it to your business and watching it blossom.

For the lowdown, listen to the following Podcast:

Or if you’re short on time and would like to know some specifics, we’ve created a few extracts so you can dive straight to the detail you need…

Want to learn more or perhaps chat through the specific presentation training challenges your business faces? Drop us a line or give us a call to speak to one of our practitioners (remember, we don’t do ‘by-the-book trainers’) and let’s get crafting a solution tailor made for you and your company.

PS – There’s more rather exciting Eyeful Training news in the pipeline. Can’t say too much at this point…but watch this space.



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