Sales & Pitch Teams


Engaging Audiences & Delivering Your Story



Learn the techniques to deliver your sales stories to your prospects and customers with ease.


  • Below is a list of some of modules covered during the course:
  • How to deliver your presentation? Through our blended presenting and presentation landscape models you will be able to find the best approach to suit your prospect and customer  engagements.
  • Role play of scenarios (preparation, practical exercise, feedback, coaching techniques)
  • Review of current delivery of presentation
  • Learn how to engage with multigenerational prospects and customer base.
  • Presenting as team or an individual – how to combat the fear?
  • Handling objections as a team or as an individual
  • How to drive action from your prospects  and get them to participate
  • Guide to delivery your story/presentation in an authentic way


This course allows you to take charge and command action from the prospects and customer base.

By having a complete sales story structure developed with your customer or prospect in mind, will enable you to make the decision as to whether to use a multitude of presentation tools or one technique to deliver your presentation.

It will also equip you with the ability of how to respond to challenges or questions in live settings, which would ultimately impact your investment if not handled correctly or if you are unable to read your prospects or customers correctly.

This course really allows you to fine tune your presentation techniques to really drive action from your customers and prospects.


Available in:
  • 2-hour virtual session 

  • 4-hours virtual (2 x 2 hours) or on campus

  • 1 day + on site or at the Presentation Campus

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