Presentation (Re)thinking

Ensuring your audience is engaged

These are exciting times in the world of presentations.

The rise of movements like TED are changing audiences’ perceptions of what makes for a great presentation story. New technologies provide presenters with ever increasing options for delivering their message. And a shift in the way audiences consume information provides real challenges to today’s business presenters.

Business audiences are busy people, they are always connected and no longer will they sit through your entire presentation out of simple politeness – it’s your responsibility to engage them early and ensure you deliver true value.

To reach your audience in a way that will make them sit up and take notice, you need to choose your message wisely, embed it within a presentation story which will emotionally connect with them, and deliver it via a channel that is most likely to keep them engaged.

The presentation landscape is changing at a breakneck speed, and enlightened organisations are beginning to recognise the value that clear and engaging communications brings to the success of their business. Effective business communicators are starting to understand the power of a truly great presentation story.

If you can’t communicate, it’s like winking at a girl in the dark…Warren Buffett

The good news is that the misery of Death by PowerPoint is slowly dying…and we’re very proud of our role in its impending demise.

For more than a decade Eyeful has been at the forefront of new presentation thinking; through our presentation consultancy services, we’ve introduced concepts such as Audience Heatmapping and Blended Presenting to business presenters across the globe through our critically acclaimed book ‘The Presentation Lab’.

‘Eyeful Labs’, Europe’s only dedicated centre of presentation excellence provides a base for our unique presentation coaching programmes that have benefitted thousands of presenters across the globe.

And we’ve brought efficiency and control back into the presentation development process through the introduction of slide management solutions.

The world of presentations continues to change apace…and Eyeful is proud to be leading the way for businesses across the globe.



Why Choose Eyeful

I want to personally thank you for the amazing job you did on our presentations. They look fantastic!!! You guys are so great to work with.

Your concepts were absolutely bang-on!  I am thrilled to present as is, and will let you know which one is the winner 🙂 Thanks again.

Our partners called the deck outstanding! Thanks again for making this happen.
You are the best!!!

Wow!!!! I wish you could see me doing the “happy dance”!!! Love it!!! We cannot thank you enough for doing this so quickly with such a BEAUTIFUL end project. When we asked for sizzle… you heard us!!! THANK YOU!


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