Shhh… the Eyeful Blog is officially rather special

by | Dec 8, 2017 | General information, Press Release

Contrary to common belief, we’re not particularly keen on ‘bigging ourselves up’.  It’s just not a very Eyeful thing to do.

However, we hope you’ll allow us to have a quiet and ever-so-restrained squeal of delight at the news that our blog has been recognised as one of the world’s greatest Sales & Marketing blogs of 2017 by Top Sales World.

The fact that this nomination puts us in the company of some of the greatest sales and marketing companies on the planet makes us incredibly proud.

Oh, and the fact that we’ve actually provided a number of this esteemed list with sales tools and stories over the last 12 months also highlights what a special year 2017 has been (you know who you are…and thank you).

And finally, the fact that this recognition comes as the result of the concerted hard work and enthusiasm of a wide range of Eyeful bods is the cherry on the cake.  Bravo, chums.

Bring on 2018.



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