Simon Morton reveals the formula to sales presentation success

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Podcast, Sales Enablement, Sales Presentations, Simon Morton Speaking

There’s an age-old conflict between sales and marketing that never seems to go away when it comes to sales presentations…

Marketing create the collateral (the dreaded PowerPoint presentation) that is usually deemed ‘not good enough’ by their colleagues in the sales team.

This means the poor sales person, with their meeting looming, has to work long into the evening making the presentation more appropriate for their prospect meeting…

Sadly, this isn’t the case because the marketing team aren’t trying to help, or because the sales team are being awkward – it’s simply a lack of true sales presentation expertise on both sides.

Eyeful though, are the sales presentation experts…

We’ve been creating some of the most effective sales presentations (and indeed, most effective sales experiences) for over a decade.

Over this time we’ve shaped what we believe to be one of the most effective types of presentations that leads to engaged prospects who are switched on and in-tune with your sales messages.

Simon Morton, Eyeful’s founder and CEO has been telling Barbara Giamanco of Top Sales World all about our unique approach to sales presentations on her Hard Talk show which you can listen to (or download) right here…

To get support with your sales presentation design and messaging that will significantly increase your chances of sales success, just drop us a line and a presentation expert will be in touch today…



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