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Have you ever delivered a presentation and thought afterwards, “Wow! That went well, the deal is in the bag!” only to then get the email a couple of weeks later, “sorry, we went with the other guys…”.

It’s not a good feeling.

Not to rub salt into old (or recent) wounds, there could well be a very simple reason why this happened. Unfortunately, even if you deliver an amazing presentation, important buying decisions aren’t usually made there and then; key decision makers often rely on the information that you leave behind to support your presentation.
Giving a clear and focussed presentation is a great start, but if time has passed since your all convincing pitch, then you’re relying on your audience to make big decisions based on sketchy memories.

This is where most presenters go wrong…

Some don’t even consider leaving a handout behind.

Others do, but seem to think a nicely bound print-out of their PowerPoint slides will do the job – which is potentially one of the worst things you can do.

Your presentation’s slides without the context of the presenter talking around them simply won’t make sense to the reader and key messages could be missed or misinterpreted.

Introducing perfect presentation leave-behinds…

Eyeful are a presentation design company with over a decade’s worth of experience in creating successful presentations for some of the world’s biggest brands – we know what works.

The most effective strategy for achieving presentation success is two pronged; deliver a great presentation and then keep the hard work that went into it alive by providing your audience with a proper presentation leave behind to review in their own time.

This removes the chance element of memory lapse or misinterpreted PowerPoint print-outs and means your product or solution is still being presented at its absolute best.

You can support your presentation by:

Pointing your audience to a web hosted animated video presentation…

Impressing your important audience with an ultra-modern video brochure…

Emailing your audience, a link to an engaging interactive presentation…

Providing your large audience with beautifully designed printed brochures…

The presentation you deliver and the type of leave-behind that supports it, totally depends on your audience and presentation environment. Get these things right and you’ll be on the road to presentation success.

Check out our dedicated page now to find out about our free* interactive presentation offer or simply pick up the phone and tell us all about your opportunity and we can create you an outstanding presentation, supported by a perfect presentation leave-behind…



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