by | Apr 12, 2016 | General information, Presentation Training, The Presentation Lab Book, Video

Simon Morton, Eyeful’s illustrious MD and author of the acclaimed The Presentation Lab book, has once again made his regular foray into the video studio of Sticky Marketing’s Grant Leboff.

This time Grant has been quizzing Simon on ways to simplify really complex presentation messages.

Simon reveals two great and easy to use techniques from his book that you can apply to your own presentations to make them a whole lot less cluttered and more structured.  They’re techniques that can be applied outside of presentations too – even in blog posts!


To help you!

If you create any kind of PowerPoint presentation design, this interview will give you the advice you need to avoid content clutter and overloaded, confusing and ultimately very dry presentations.

But if you create technical or scientific presentations and struggle to keep slides focused and not stuffed full of dry detail – then this video is an absolute must see…

The very best of luck in cleansing your complex presentations, it’s not the easiest thing to do so we really hope the methods that Simon has shared prove useful…

If you would like to learn the techniques mentioned above in more detail, then check out our CLEARING THE DECKS module from our full suite of Think, Act & Deliver presentation training.

We can teach this module  as part of a Tailored Training course or in any of our Fast Track days…



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