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You might have heard the recent news that Eyeful have joined forces with Microsoft…

“Microsoft decided to join forces with a UK company with a global remit to improve the quality of business presentations, Eyeful Presentations (that’ll be us, then). It makes perfect sense – the creators of the world’s most popular presentation tool working alongside the people who quite literally, wrote the book on the formula behind powerful presentations, The Presentation Lab.”

We work with some of the biggest brands in the world most days, creating business presentations for them that deliver serious results. But this relationship is a little different – Microsoft didn’t want us to just create them a PowerPoint presentation design, they wanted to dip into all our years of experience and into the expert thinking that has gone into our modular presentation training

They wanted to serialise some serious presentation expertise for the people who need it most – the millions of business presenters and presentation designers out there who use PowerPoint and all the other Microsoft tools on a daily basis.

One subject that came to the surface during the creation of this video series, was the fact that there are a few common pitfalls that hamper many presenters and should be avoided at all costs!

The Presentation Paradox


Or more simply put, a lack of respect for the presentation opportunity.

This is about where businesses invest in all the areas before the presentation, hiring their people, marketing budgets – all the time, effort and money that goes into getting the opportunity to present booked in the diary.

Then when it comes to the crunch time, they either invest little effort (or completely the wrong effort) into the presentation itself. It all spells a missed opportunity due to simply not recognising and respecting the value of the opportunity itself.

Avoid being a part of a Presentation Paradox.

Presentation Myths To Avoid


PowerPoint is the child of the devil and it’s PowerPoint’s fault all my presentations are rubbish.

Erm… our research suggests if a person can only make a rubbish PowerPoint, they can generally only make a rubbish Prezi…

My PowerPoint is the presentation, not me.

A PowerPoint without a presenter is like a movie on mute…

My presentation looks good, so it’s good right?


The 10, 20, 30 Rule (Max 10 slides, talk for no more than 20 mins, use a font size of 30).

Does this actually make sense to anyone?

Quick Fixes To Avoid

Make every slide a full image with little to no text.

Creating your presentation by grabbing slides from other people’s decks.

Using someone else’s presentation, or worse still using a generic company presentation and hope that it works for your specific audience or goal.

There are lots of myths, lots of quick fixes out there on the internet, lots of programmes and apps to try and make the presentation creation process quicker and easier.

But to make a successful presentation that really works, really engages with your audience and is effective in getting results – then there is no hiding from the fact that work is required – not necessarily harder work, but definitely smarter work…

So if you would like to work smarter when it comes to presentations, check out the Microsoft and Eyeful Video Series as there is literally no better place to start.



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