With the entire business landscape changing in a matter of just weeks, companies are naturally looking at new ways to communicate with their audiences.

‘Physical’ marketing events like Breakfast Briefings and Conferences are being reimagined as Webinars and Virtual Events. But is the shift to a more virtual environment as simple as simply moving your presentations online?

In our experience, NO.

Engaging your audience and then driving value from these interactions demands a more involved and nuanced approach. We asked thought leaders from the Eyeful team to share their insights.


Virtual engagement places even greater demands on the planning phase of an event.

Understanding and segmenting your audience. Determining measures of success. Implementing a strategy that delivers long after the event has been delivered. These questions and more need to be explored to ensure maximum ROI and impact from your webinar or virtual event.


A slick presenter armed with a fancy set of slides will no longer suffice (but then again, did it ever?).

The move into the virtual world means that you audience is more selective, focused and time constrained than ever. Add into the mix the ‘second channel’ part played by social media and you have a more complex and nuanced engagement than ever. Your role is deliver content that meets your audience’s demands and delivers long term value to your business.

Communication just got more complex.


Virtual engagements have long tails. The blood, sweat and tears invested in the Connect and Communicate phases pays off long after your speakers have packed away their microphones.

The key to simultaneously delivering long term value to your audience and business is ensuring you have a formal Sustain strategy in place. From mining the MI through to building a joined up Sales & Marketing programme, Sustain unlocks the hidden ROI from your webinar or virtual event.  


Organisations have long recognised the huge cost savings of moving conferences online however many of held back due to a perceived lack of audience engagement.

The rules have changed. Delegates demand more from their time so are looking for organisations to step up.

They want a mix of formats, from formal presentations through to workshops and networking. They want to consume content on their terms, be that on-demand video or downloadable resources. They want to tune in and out at will.

In short, they demand value.

In return, organisations can work smarter by utilising technology to drive higher levels of ROI and shorten sales cycles.

Virtual events have changed the rules for both host and delegates. With careful planning, both sides win.


There’s no getting away from it – webinars and virtual events are tricky things to get right. BUT, when you do get them right the world is your oyster.

Eyeful understands the importance of getting the entire process right – from Connect and Communicate all the way through to Sustain. We have the experience, expertise and capacity to provide our customers with a wide range of support that will help to create virtual communication that delivers real business value.

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