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I was speedily going through my daily mounds of emails yesterday when something from the folks at Marketing Profs caught my eye… an article with “10 Tips for Adding Video to Your Digital Marketing Mix”.

As a presentation design company that creates a serious amount of marketing presentations and indeed marketing videos the article really interested me…

Video is something we’re increasingly involved in here at Eyeful and a medium we certainly believe in…

The article is a pretty good read and quite a comprehensive guide as to not only why using video in your marketing mix is a good idea, but also how to structure a bit of a plan around creating it and distributing it after.

As I’m not the plagiarist type, I won’t be copy and pasting the whole 5 pages into this blog! But I will share a high level snapshot of what the tips are…

1. Map the customer journey first
2. Identify how video can enhance the customer journey
3. Set specific goals for your program and videos
4. Create a video promotion rollout plan that meshes with other channel planning and processes
5. Audit your video content and related assets
6. Shine the spotlight on employees and customers
7. Choose your hosting platforms
8. Get your gear and set up your studio
9. Use video behaviours to trigger other messaging
10. Determine your success metrics and monitor results

Needless to say the article goes a lot deeper into these points and if you’re considering using video in your marketing it’s a really insightful place to start.

We take a very similar approach to creating powerful and effective presentations.

We planned this exactly as we would a presentation…

Take our homepage video Eyeful in 90(ish) seconds as an example… this has had over 1000 plays in just a few months…

We planned this video using the same tried and trusted presentation optimisation methodology we apply to all of our customer’s presentations…

-We profiled our audience
-Considered our objectives
-Planned our message and structure accordingly
-Wrote a script
-Storyboarded the visual journey
-Before then creating the video content using little more than PowerPoint

This hard work in planning makes it easy to create a powerful videos…

It’s actually very straight forward to take any presentation and turn it into a video file. This is an obvious course of action if you’ve invested a lot of time, effort and energy into carefully creating an effective presentation in the first place.

But, and I must stress this, it is only an approach worth taking if your presentation really is as good as it can be. There’s little point in turning a horrible mess of bullet points into a video as who would want to watch that!

But if you have created an excellent presentation, one to the standard like Eyeful could create for you, then there really is no point in keeping those strong, powerful messages hidden away on a static PowerPoint when they can be automated to keep delivering your message 24/7…

Other videos we create include landing page messaging, such as A Short Guide To Eyeful’s Training which sits on our main Presentation Training page.

And we also create videos for specific marketing campaigns such as, How To Dodge A Presentation Curveball which was embedded in an email campaign to show how we can support creative agencies as their PowerPoint experts.

Again, we approached the creation of each of these mini movies in the same we would in creating a presentation that gets results…


If you’d like to find out more about Eyeful could help you with your presentation needs (or taking a successful presentation and turning it into a powerful video), just give us a ring and one of our expert presentation consultants will guide you through the options available…

Right, I’m off to write a script!



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