Which Presentations Are Created The Most?

by | Jan 11, 2016 | General information, Press Release, Video

The results are finally here! Yes, we’ve counted, assessed and reviewed all of your feedback from our first business presentation survey aimed at people who actually create presentations.

The first bit of insight that has come out of this survey is the type of presentations that people are mostly making…

Why not spend a minute or so and surprise yourself with the results in our infographic video… I know I was surprised…

It’s not surprising to see Conference Presentations so high, but I would have expected them to be top, not to mention the fact that Internal Presentations are being made in equal measures as Conference Presentations with a joint score of 56%.

There will be more interesting insight to come in the following coming weeks. If you happen to have a spare 60 seconds and you would like to contribute to our next survey ‘the Art of Delivery’ you can do so right here.





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