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The Eyeful & Sales Engine Alliance

Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships

Michael Jordan

We never take anything for granted. We know our success over the last 14 years is based on the trust our customers show in us every day. That trust manifests itself in a number of ways, from creating the stories behind must win pitches through to being the steady hand on the tiller at events. But perhaps most gratifying of all is when our customers turn to us and ask for our advice or support in an area that they know we don’t specialise in.

But truly powerful partnerships extend beyond strategic synergies and boardroom handshakes. They are built on strong friendships and trust. The founders of both Eyeful and Sales Engine go way back and over two decades, they’ve matched each other for a passion in sales, communication, and customer success. The friendship and trust runs deep… so much that there is shared ownership across both businesses.

The net result is that together, Eyeful and Sales Engine provide a broad range of business-critical services. We share customers, a unique proposition and the strength of two great businesses working hand in glove. This allows us to build deeper, more valued and trusted relationships with everybody that we work with.

This is the power of the Alliance. The beneficiaries, as always, are our customers.

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