Why Presentation Training Must Change

by | Nov 20, 2018 | General information, Presentation Training

Uttering the two words ‘presentation training’ conjures up a multitude of images in the mind of a business person. Most of us, at one point or another, have been booked onto a course to improve our presentation skills and shared a range of experiences; from an egotistical trainer (probably a failed actor) obsessed with breathing exercises through to anxiety inducing tips on what to do with your hands or high level hints on how to make your PowerPoint bullet points less, um, bullet pointy.

While it’s easy to roll your eyes, the truth is that we were all signed up to such courses by well-intentioned L&D departments. They understood that communication skills are now seen as an executive imperative (Source: Harvard Business Review). The only problem is that after we return to our desks and the course notes are relegated to a drawer, most of the content is forgotten within a few days and we almost certainly never reference them again.

Yet we persist… At this very moment, there will be thousands of ‘business presentation courses’ being delivered across the world, churning out remarkably similar content with the remarkably similar limited results. The hard-fought training budget gets wasted and we go back to square one – a business full of people not particularly good at presenting.

It’s both depressing and inevitable for one simple reason – the skills required by presenters today are a million miles away from those a decade ago.

Today’s training and coaching should provide experience and insight around topics like building agility into presentations to allow you to spark off the questions from an interested audience member. Where are the courses helping presenters to embrace new technologies and incorporate them into a presentation strategy? What about practical not theoretical use of stories to engage audiences and prompt them to action?

In short, something has to change… and we decided that we were the right people to do it. So, the team here at Eyeful have developed a set of training topics that prompt people to take a different view of their presentations.

We prompt presenters to Think Differently by giving them the tools to help them focus on their audience, above all else.

We get presenters to Act Differently by providing different structures, and giving them the skills to build stories that will truly resonate with audiences.

And then we ask them to Deliver Differently by thinking beyond the traditional PowerPoint rules that form the basis of too many ‘old school’ presentation training sessions and embrace a blend of technology and techniques to deliver their message across the full presentation landscape.

It works. We are proud to be delivering presentation training that has a real impact in today’s presentation environment, prompting delegates to step away from the theory and making it practical, engaging and valuable. It’s how we’ve always done things here at Eyeful… but don’t take our word for it, listen to what our customers say:

This was one of the best training courses I’ve been on. A very engaging and authentic presenter who was really keen on helping us develop and improve the way in which we present our message to key stakeholders.
AXA PPP Healthcare

A fantastic training course that taught me how to realise my objectives and tailor presentations for the audience. I would recommend the training for anyone who works with presentations.

The presentation training was excellent, it was tailored to what we needed and perfect for what we trying to achieve. I can’t say enough good things about Eyeful.
Jaga Heating Products



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