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After the wonderful hot and sunny weather we’ve enjoyed in the UK over the past couple of weeks, it feels highly appropriate that today (World Environment Day) the weather should decide to turn grey, windy, cold and it be absolutely bucketing it down outside!

The only truly predictable thing about British weather is its unpredictability!

World Environment Day is about stopping for a moment, stepping outside and appreciating the beauty of our planet.

For us here at Eyeful, presentations are our world and in the same vein, if you have a presentation on the horizon, stop for a moment and think about your presentation environment. As it will probably fall under one of the categories below in The Presentation Landscape…

The Presentation Landscape is a fascinating concept from Eyeful founder Simon Morton’s critically acclaimed book, The Presentation Lab.

Your presentation delivery will sit in either the formal, interactive or informal area which helps you define what type of presentation your audience is going to respond to best.

Formal – Conferences, Board meetings, bids or pitches
Interactive – Demonstrations, Sales Scenarios and Exhibitions
Informal – Conversations with a business agenda

For example, if you’re meeting a prospect over a coffee the last thing they want you to do is halt the conversation, whip out a laptop and start delivering a formal presentation. It would ruin the flow and quite frankly, turn your them against you.

If you stop to think about your presentation environment in advance, you can prepare accordingly. The idea isn’t to limit yourself, it’s to get you to prepare your presentation for any environment you find yourself in.

It’s the presentation equivalent of checking the weather forecast and taking your raincoat and umbrella with you if heavy rain is expected.

If you’re presenting on a podium to 100 people, you would deliver your formal presentation. If you’re in a small meeting, you can let conversation drive where the presentation goes with an interactive toolkit presentation.

If you just take a moment to consider where you’re presenting and what kind of presentation is going to engage your audience best, you’re going to give your audience a much better experience than just rolling out the same one-size-fits-all presentation that most bad presenters do.

Just like the weather, presentation environments can be unpredictable too…

Yesterday morning I put the laundry out on the washing line with great confidence, before having to run outside and bring it all back in, less than an hour later!

In the same vein, I’ve attended meetings in the past that have turned into presentations. Sometimes you can expect a presentation to be one thing and it turns out to be another.

If you have your presentation prepped, practiced and ready for any presentation environment, then you’ll be as prepared as any day tripper who sets off in shorts and T-shirt, but has their coat, wellies and brolley in the boot – just in case!

And, let’s be honest – everyone knows it pays to prepare.

To find out more information about getting you ready to deliver anywhere on The Presentation Landscape, just give us a call on +44 (0)1455 826390 and speak to a presentation expert…



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