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Pitch presentations

Don’t drop the baton on the final straight

Pitch presentations are a strange beast. They represent the final stage in what is often an all-consuming process.  You’ve put all the work in, months of courting the prospects, burning the midnight oil, and making sure that your bid submission is as polished as it can be.

The final pitch presentation is the hard-earned opportunity to present your message to the very people who will decide if all the blood, sweat and tears is going to come to anything.

With the stakes so high, what do you do? Simply dust down your standard corporate presentation deck and change a few bits? Do you start from scratch and regurgitate content from the original bid document? Or do you take a step back, consider the moving parts and engage with the experts?

Eyeful’s pitch presentation support helps you to take a more considered approach – ensuring that this final opportunity to shine demonstrates all of the reasons why they should be choosing your proposition

Believe it or not, many in your shoes will drop the baton and turn up to their hard-earned pitch with a presentation that simply doesn’t cut it.

Whatever the reason (panic, extreme exhaustion or apathy), it happens at a horrifying frequency. We call this phenomenon the ‘pitch presentation paradox’…and we’re here to help.

Eyeful has earned a reputation for being the best ‘critical friend’ at this important point of the pitch process. It’s more than ensuring your slides are pretty – it’s about getting your pitch presentation strategy right. So, we will work on your bid as if it was our own, calling on the experience and knowledge of our sister company, Sales Engine, whenever needed.

Our full pitch presentation support service ensures your presentation is focused on the needs of your audience, that your key messages are heard loud and clear and that the visuals help you tell your story in the most compelling way possible.

We’ll also work to equip you and your team with the skills and confidence to put your best foot forward, from best practice techniques to deliver as a team through to managing rehearsals.

Never forget – pitch presentations are the culmination of a huge amount of effort. By working with Eyeful, you’re giving your bid in the best possible chance of success. It’s that simple…



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