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This is where we share whatever excites our storytellers, presentation designers, or trainers (or, on occasion, gets them hot under the collar).

You might be looking for pithy sales presentation best practice or the very latest thinking on PowerPoint design. If it’s presentation related, chances are you’ll find it on our blog (we’ve even made it searchable to make it quicker and easier to access the good stuff).

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Eyeful is now employee owned!

Exciting changes are afoot at Eyeful.
But it’s so much more than our transition to an EOT – we’re changing how we work. We’re putting strategic customer partnerships at the top of the agenda, allowing us to innovate, challenge and reimagine presentations side-by-side with our customers.
We call it Eyeful 2.0

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Taking accessibility to the next level – Stage 2

“Accessibility allows us to tap into everyone’s potential” – Debra Ruh
Following our first accessibility article, you should now be well versed in the Web Content Access Guidelines, using the accessibility tool within PowerPoint, and listening to the sultry tones of our very own Alex Warwick and Grace Jenkinson.
If you haven’t, it’s well worth your time to learn these key fundamentals.

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Lessons from Comedy – Road Testing your Pitch Presentation

Road testing material before a big tour is a tried and tested method for comics. They bravely share their ‘works in progress’ with smaller audiences to see what’s working…and what’s not.

It makes sense. Get feedback, polish and be pitch-perfect by the time you present to the big audiences. So why don’t business presentations get the same level of care and consideration?

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Is Your Presentation A Dating Disaster?

Business presentations and dating have more in common than you might think. Great presentations happen when there is a connection between presenter and audience. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true – presentations fail when there is a disconnect.
How can you guarantee not getting a second date? Be self-obsessed, monotonous and, frankly, boring. Why, then, do so many sales presentations fall foul of these same issues?

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“What’s Next?” – Tools That Sustain The Conversation After The Presentation

Increasingly the ‘Communicate’ phase of presenting is just the start. You’ve used presentation storytelling to share your sales presentation message, and your audience is hooked…but not quite ready to move on.
There are hidden stakeholders to consider.
There are numbers to be crunched and business cases to be reviewed.
So how do you keep the conversation focused and your sales presentation messaging top of the agenda?
Simple – by using different tools and techniques to SUSTAIN your presentation message.

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In Conversation – Don’t Be Afraid To Pop The Question

For a presentation to be of value, it needs to drive change.
You can present the most compelling data, the most engaging stories, and the most profound insights, BUT fail to prompt action from your audience and nothing changes. So what was the point in presenting?
Find out how to incorporate small ‘Call to Action’ changes into your next presentation. The results will speak for themselves.

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