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This is where we share whatever excites our storytellers, presentation designers, or trainers (or, on occasion, gets them hot under the collar).

You might be looking for pithy sales presentation best practice or the very latest thinking on PowerPoint design. If it’s presentation related, chances are you’ll find it on our blog (we’ve even made it searchable to make it quicker and easier to access the good stuff).

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Mastering Sustain: Elevate Your Post-Presentation Engagement Strategies

In a world flooded with video content, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to capture the attention of busy stakeholders who don’t have the time or energy to sit through lengthy recordings.
As a result, businesses need to adapt their communication methods to ensure their messages resonate and engage their target audience effectively. This blog will explore different options to enhance your engagement strategies and elevate your Sustain concept, ultimately transforming you from a salesperson into a ‘trusted advisor’.

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How To Optimise Your Client Conversations

My last look at the oft-forgotten world of getting the most out of client conversations seemed to hit a bit of a chord with the design fraternity.
So, to keep momentum on the subject, I’ve prepared for you lucky people a video version of my musings where we go into a bit more depth on 6 key areas, so you can get even more joy out of me having to learn the hard way over the years.

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Presenting is a Privilege

Presenting to an audience is a privilege, and they deserve your utmost respect. Remember, they are investing their time, attention, and willingness to connect with your story.
Prioritise them, keep them engaged, and don’t take them for granted, or you risk losing them.

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Reflecting on Employee Ownership

The One Where Eyeful’s founder, Simon Morton, Shares His Experience of Selling the Business to its Employees.
Featuring on the Succession Plus podcast, Simon delves into the concept of Employee Ownership Trusts (EOTs) and explains how the process works. And then, we dig deeper into the importance of the EOT to the Eyeful team, their customers and how it impacts the overall business.

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How to Onboard Your Brand New Sales Deck

With great sales tools comes great responsibility!
Onboarding a new sales tool into your team’s workflow can seem intimidating at first, but with the proper guidance and strategies, it doesn’t have to be.
We explore some key tips for successfully onboarding your latest sales presentation in a way that ensures your team quickly realises its value.

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