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This is where we share whatever excites our storytellers, presentation designers, or trainers (or, on occasion, gets them hot under the collar).

You might be looking for pithy sales presentation best practice or the very latest thinking on PowerPoint design. If it’s presentation related, chances are you’ll find it on our blog (we’ve even made it searchable to make it quicker and easier to access the good stuff).

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Reasons To Be Proud #34 – Matt’s Eyeful Journey

Eyeful isn’t just a leading presentation storytelling, PowerPoint design and skills training company. Oh no! We’re a place where we help each and every team member get to make the most of their talents. This leads to some exciting journeys (and makes us very proud). A perfect example is the lovely Matt Roper, who has gone from Project Manager to Videographer (via a somewhat circuitous route!).

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We’re More Than Just Presentations. Let Me Tell You A Story…

You might think that the clue is in the name – Eyeful PRESENTATIONS, right? Actually, the reality is a little more involved than that. We use our presentation storytelling smarts to support our customers in a host of different ways, from messaging frameworks to sales enablement programmes and everything in between.
Our friends at Emoquo are a case in point. Let us explain…

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It’s Time to take Presentation Training Seriously

According to the latest stats, 91% of leaders fail their employees in one key area – communication.
We find this more than a little shocking. A leader’s ability to present information to drive enthusiasm, commitment, passion and action from your team is surely a prerequisite for the job, yet the VAST majority suck at it.
Something has to change. It’s time to take another look at presentation training.

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It’s A Bit Like What Richard Branson Said

Eyeful people are special. Yes, we know every business says the same thing…but ours are REALLY special. They make the difference with our customers, are the source of new presentation inspiration and, frankly, make going to work fun! In the first of a series of videos, longstanding Eyefulite Iysha shares her Eyeful Journey.

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Present as part of a Communication Toolkit

Even great presentations can be let down by what precedes or follows them (or, more commonly, by what doesn’t precede or follow them).
Salespeople need to think of the entire sales process as a chess game – the presentation element is just one of a series of moves that will get to the win.

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A Blunt Question – Why Eyeful?

Many companies purport to improve presentations. Some of them will focus on how you stand and what you do with your hands. Others will tidy up your slides. And others will attempt to introduce you new presentation technologies.
Few will start from the ground up, and custom build a Connect-Communicate-Sustain presentation strategy to ensure your success. Eyeful’s success is built upon delivering proven Outcome-Based Presenting solutions to companies large and small.

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Stories can change the world

Presentation storytelling holds great power. Stories have the power to connect presenters to audiences, translate complex ideas into meaningful presentation messages and, most importantly, drive action.
To celebrate Black History Month, we take a look at how three remarkable communicators use story and visual imagery to spark important change across the world.

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When Life Gives You Lemons…

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. It might be a bid, internal comms strategy, or marketing campaign, but while you’ve only just started, you’re already playing catch up! Do you bury your head in the sand or dig deep and reinvigorate your project? Find out how we helped a client do the latter and exceed expectations.

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Train yourself to sales success

Sales & Pitch presentations are interesting beasts. Get them right, and you feel like a Superhero; get them wrong, and you can feel the ground swallowing you up. The team here at Eyeful Presentations want to help you make this the year of improving your skillset (as well as your mindset).

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