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This is where we share whatever excites our storytellers, presentation designers, or trainers (or, on occasion, gets them hot under the collar).

You might be looking for pithy sales presentation best practice or the very latest thinking on PowerPoint design. If it’s presentation related, chances are you’ll find it on our blog (we’ve even made it searchable to make it quicker and easier to access the good stuff).

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“What’s Next?” – Tools That Sustain The Conversation After The Presentation

Increasingly the ‘Communicate’ phase of presenting is just the start. You’ve used presentation storytelling to share your sales presentation message, and your audience is hooked…but not quite ready to move on.
There are hidden stakeholders to consider.
There are numbers to be crunched and business cases to be reviewed.
So how do you keep the conversation focused and your sales presentation messaging top of the agenda?
Simple – by using different tools and techniques to SUSTAIN your presentation message.

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In Conversation – Don’t Be Afraid To Pop The Question

For a presentation to be of value, it needs to drive change.
You can present the most compelling data, the most engaging stories, and the most profound insights, BUT fail to prompt action from your audience and nothing changes. So what was the point in presenting?
Find out how to incorporate small ‘Call to Action’ changes into your next presentation. The results will speak for themselves.

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Show Them You Care

It’s easy to assume that a PowerPoint presentation design agency would focus on nothing other than slides. Wrong! Corporate presentation design delivers value, but combine this with presentation storytelling, and things get exciting. Fill that presentation storytelling with emotion, and you unleash a superpower! Learn how great storytellers, from Charles Dickens to the team behind ‘Toy Story’, use emotion to make audiences care (and then take action).

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The Four-Step Process to Successful Sales Presentations

Here at Eyeful, we’re more than a little obsessed with finding ways to empower presenters and help ensure they deliver value to their audiences (and themselves) at every opportunity. However, having a passion for presentations is one thing – making it easy for presenters to put their best foot forward is another. Too often, the best intentions get forgotten as presentation designers get sidetracked by the allure of slide design and PowerPoint animations (we get it – that’s the fun stuff!).

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