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This is where we share whatever excites our storytellers, presentation designers, or trainers (or, on occasion, gets them hot under the collar).

You might be looking for pithy sales presentation best practice or the very latest thinking on PowerPoint design. If it’s presentation related, chances are you’ll find it on our blog (we’ve even made it searchable to make it quicker and easier to access the good stuff).

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There was much more to the last 12 months than just Covid…

2020 was tough – very tough – for many. But it also prompted us to reappraise the way we work, from turning sales processes on their heads to forcing a rethink of traditional marketing strategies almost overnight. Old rules had to be broken and, truth be told, many have benefited from taking a fresh new approach to engagement. Chances are we’re unlikely to ever return to the ‘old way of doing things’.

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Herding Cats

Everything You Wanted To Know About Presentation Efficiency But Were Afraid To Ask ‘Be careful what you wish for’ is a phrase that comes to mind when we talking about some of our larger enterprise client relationships. These engagements often start with a quick ‘slide...

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