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Presentation folk like a chat. Given half a chance to talk about the power of storytelling, valuable visuals and or exciting new tech, we can happily talk for hours.

However, a recent podcast conversation with Boris Hristov, the brain behind the upcoming Present To Succeed conference, was a little different. In a similar vein to the way he has created a global event to address the specific challenges faced by presenters, he expertly guides the conversation through the hot topics of the day:

  • What part storytelling can play in today’s presentations
  • Why audiences need to be front and centre of any presentation
  • How you can factor a Call To Action into any presentation (and why doing so is vital)

Oh, and sharing a few presentation disaster stories along the way.

We’re excited to be part of the Present To Succeed stellar line-up (we’ll be sharing the 5 stages of persuasive story development…and can’t wait!).

Learn more about the event and how you can design your own expert agenda in areas like Story, Design and Tools by following the link below.


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