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Presentations dominate much of our working lives. If you’re not sitting through them, you might be delivering them, and if you’re not delivering them, you might be responsible for writing them.

Presentations are so omnipresent that a fast-growing industry has spawned to support businesses make the most of these engagements. From the ‘lipstick-on-a-pig’ merchants who will make your slides look a little prettier through to the complete service (audience analysis, message, story, visuals, training & coaching) from the likes of Eyeful, a wide variety of agencies are ready to leap into action to help you with your next presentation.

The truth is that most companies only turn to the likes of Eyeful for the high-profile presentations – the big ‘must win’ pitches, the conference keynote, the investor deck or complex technical training slides.

But what about the rest of the presentations that are being created in your organisation? The QBRs, internal meetings, board packs? Microsoft estimate that $50 million a day is wasted on the creation of new presentations…and most sit firmly in the ‘low profile, high volume’ category.

This is where the inefficiency of presentation creation really bites – chances are that the lost hours/days/weeks wrestling with PowerPoint or tweaking existing slides is a drain on your business and your bottom line.

So, as part of the Eyeful Insights series, we’d like to learn a little more about how these other presentations are being delivered within your business.

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