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Podcasts seem to be popping up left, right and centre.

Comedy podcasts.

Sports podcasts.

(Occasionally relevant) business podcasts.

…and we love them.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that the common thread across them all– or, at least the successful ones – is storytelling. Presenters and guests open up and share stories that hook the listener in, be they driving in the car, out for a run or making the tea. It’s a brilliant format.

With storytelling a key part of the mix, it was no surprise that our founder Simon Morton jumped at the opportunity to sit in on the long-running ‘And We Have An Office Dog’ podcast , aimed at the digital agency sector. The host, Chris Simmance, has created a format that deftly prompts agency founders to share their most intimate business stories – from the triumphant to the downright sobering.

In this episode, Simon talks about the value of naivety, team building, becoming a ‘trusted advisor’ for customers and, um, the yoghurt incident that was the epitome of ‘unknown unknowns’.



Note: This podcast was recorded before we were allowed to go public with news of our transition to an Employee Owned Business. Listen carefully, and you can tell Simon is itching to mention it.

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