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CPD presentations can be divisive things – some love them for the value-added conversations they spark with their idea audience profile, others loath them because they are a time-consuming distraction to an already pressurised sales team.

Whichever side of the fence you sit, the following video will shine a light on one of the least considered but most important piece of the CPD puzzle – people.

These same pillars are what make virtual presentations succeed. Equally, when one goes missing or isn’t fully thought through, communication suffers.

In the latest of our ‘In Conversation’ video series, Eyeful Account Director Jack Phipps talks through how one building materials company approached their CPD campaign from the ground up (excuse the pun). He not only shares the importance of an audience centric story but also highlights the huge impact made by running a formal onboarding process for all salespeople.

Oh, and all while in lockdown!

To learn more about how we support clients to derive real value from their CPD presentations, follow this link. To schedule a short conversation with one of our CPD presentation consultants, click here.

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