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Training that flexes with your presentation team

by | Feb 16, 2021 | Featured News, Presentation Tools, Sales, Web Presentation

Like me, you’re probably bored of people talking about the seismic changes experienced by the business world over the last 12 months. Phrases like ‘new normal’ and ‘unprecedented times’ now bounce off me so readily that I don’t even notice them.

But some things really have changed forever. And, shock horror, some of these enforced changes have made things better in the long run. For example, companies finally recognising that their people can be trusted to work from home and people recognising the value of taking time out of a busy day to stretch your legs are both examples of positive change. Every cloud…

And the same goes for presentation training.

For too long, much of the presentation training available to businesses was a rehash of the same old tropes, delivered in much the same way to an increasingly uninspired audience. The global pandemic was the shot in the arm (excuse the pun) that the sector needed and, as explained in the video below, my colleagues from Eyeful’s training team have stepped up and taken action.

The net result is a brand new suite of services, built from the ground up, that address head-on the plethora of new challenges facing business presenters.

Just as importantly, they’ve ensured that the training programmes are tailored to address the specific challenges of different presentation groups.

  • Rely on presentations to help you hit your sales number? There’s a course for you.
  • Responsible for creating presentations that drive action from your remote employee team? That’s covered, too.
  • Struggling to communicate complex technical information to different audiences? Ditto.

To learn more about this new approach, take a moment to look around the new training section of our website or try the Eyeful Rubric, our presentation skills analysis tool.



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